His Academic Career
Born on June, 8th, 1958 in Uşak, he started his education in Cumhuriyet primary school and then  had his high school education in Kütahya Lycee where he graduated in 1975. Afterwards, he studied Turkish literature in İstanbul University  where he graduated in 1979. Having completed his thesis on Old Turkish Literature, he received his post graduate degrees in İstanbul University, the Institute of Social Sciences and in USA. Then,  he started his academic career in interuniversity committee of YÖK, gave lectures on Old Turkish Literature in USA as associate professor in 1993; then  received his professorship in İstanbul University in 1998.



In 1979-82, he worked in the Seminar programs for Turcology of İstanbul University,

in 1982-84, has joined the Turkish Marine Forces where he has been assigned the ranks of second lieutenant and subsequently first lieutenant,

in 1986-87 gave lectures of Turkish Literature in Bosphorous University,

in 1987-94 has been assigned as a senior lieutenant by the Turkish Marine Forces where he worked for the foundation of Marine History Archives,

in 1994-96, worked for the management of the publications of Research for Marine History Archives,

in 1996-97, gave lectures on Old Turkish Literature in Mimar Sinan University and worked for the Islamic Research Center,

and since 1997, has been giving lectures in İstanbul Culture University.


1989, Writers’ Union of Turkey Award for Encyclopedic Dictionary of Divan Poetry

1990, Turkish Language Institute Award for Encyclopedic Dictionary of Divan Poetry

1996, Writers’ Union of Turkey Award of Inquiry

2001, Kayseri Writers’ Guild Award for Best  Person in Literature

2001, YTB Uşak Award of  People’s Hero.


His Works

Turkish Language and Turkish Literature books for intermediary and highschools (1990-1997)

Edited translations and research boks on Ottoman Marine History (1991-96)

Texts, stories and  narratives of Divan Literature trancribed in common language for people in literary magazines (1982 …)

Journals and columns on art, culture and literature in Zaman (1993…)


Public Seminars on Reciting Poetry and on Divan Literature (1994…)


Tutoring in İstanbul Culture University since 1994

Family Status

Has two daughters: Hilye Banu (1982), Elif (1986) and a son Alperen Ahmet (1992)